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Exquisitely designed and making for great collector's items, getting a Steelbook edition Blu-ray is an opportunity any true movie lover would be crazy to miss out on. A Steelbook edition gives you something more than the standard Blu-ray experience: Uniqueness.

Here at zavvi, we carry a huge range of Steelbooks, covering everything from the latest releases, modern classics, pre-orders, best-sellers and much, much more.

Perhaps you want a special version of a favorite movie that you want to hold onto and look after for as long as possible, or really enjoy the artwork of a specific Steelbook. Either way, our excellent collection has everything under the same roof. A dream for any Steelbook collector, with every Limited Edition at a fantastic price that we're sure you wouldn't find anywhere else.

If you're not already a collector, what better time to start than now?

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